Iphone 4 Shares

Newbie to Iphone4 for mobile image uploads (8/11). This is where I share my creations real time!

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Mystery Bird on the Left on Flickr.

This was a fun share caught with my Nikon camera #birdwatch

HELLO little friend .. Sometimes I really miss living in town. #ohio

Rainbow by my friend Beau … Your Rockin the iPhone shares!

Pouring down rain in the garden right now … Love the smell of summer around the corner!

Cookin it in the garden .. Love this time of year!

Mango Veggie and pork chop #grillin in the garden!

I was away for a week so I left my new Austin David roses in a mini greenhouse : they are popping green so I’m going to put them in containers in my 10’x12’ greenhouse today!

Olivia pup ran ahead on our walk in the woods tonight…

Putting my little garden water feature in again this year…. details on my blog later this week!

This is the highlight of my Spring in #Ohio : Supporting local growers!